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Rapid STAT® - a success story: 
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LIGHTBOX - designed for mobile applications

The MAVAND LIGHTBOX has been designed for the evaluation of Rapid STAT® and Rapid WIPE®  results under bad visibility conditions.

The green light enables the user to better identify the negative lines of the Rapid STAT®  and the Rapid WIPE®  in the dark or in low light conditions.

  • (WxHxD): 70x125x25mm
  • Weight: 0.14 kgs
  • Battery-operated: 3.0V / 0.02A (AA batteries)
  •  Max. 0.06 Watt - Interpretation of at least 5’000 test results possible (5’000 x 20 seconds)
  • Storage and operating temperature:-20C° to 50°C (please pay attention to the operating temperature of the Rapid STAT® and the Rapid WIPE®)
  • Appropriate for measurements with the Rapid STAT® or the Rapid WIPE®

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